Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kure Beach

Winter has packed up her scarves and sweaters and gone back to Canada or wherever the hell she came from. There's no more frost on my car in the morning. No more cold steering wheels. No more drippy noses. Spring is officially here. Is there a better way to celebrate than a trip to a sandy shore? We headed to our favorite beach in North Carolina, Kure Beach.

The mere sight of a palm tree makes me giddy. The local houses are all pastel colors with palm trees in the yard. Oh, how I would love a little beach cottage of my own!

The ocean was so cold we couldn't put our feet in it more than a minute, but we had a great time making a game of this. We'd run into the water and run back out screaming...with smiles on our faces and bloody red feet.

Even when the water isn't being cooperative, you still have an enormous sand box to play in. Finally, that art minor from my university days pays off! We built sand sculptures on the ground and on each other.

And there were crashing waves and skim surfers to watch. I often see traditional surfers at Kure Beach, but this was the first skim surfing I have ever seen in person. I'm totally going to get one of these boards. I am pretty sure my husband would love this, too!

On the way back, we stopped for some serious fro-yo. We don't keep sweets in our house so we get to go out for ice cream on occasion. It's a good trade off.

North Carolina is full of these gorgeous blooming pear trees. Rows and rows of them. They are stunning, but their first week in bloom, they smelled like cat pee. But Jumping Jehoshaphat, they are gorgeous!

God, I flipping love spring!

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