Friday, March 13, 2015

Balls, Marbles, Dickey's, and Dr. Quinn

If blogging were my job, I'd be fired. Well, yes, because of the lazy, grammatically unsound writing and sometimes boring subject matter. (Oh, boy, you took your kid to Chuck E. Cheese. The whole world must simply know every detail about this!) But, today, I am referring to the fact that I am just now getting around to posting photos from the weekend before last. Shame sticking the hell out of myself.

Pretty much every post starts with me winning tickets to something or somewhere. I'm Lady Perpetua Brokington of Frugalton over here. If it weren't for local giveaways from blogs and tv and radio stations, my blog would be about getting my taxes done and teeth cleaned. Guess, what? I won tickets.

 My weekend kicked off with a win for tickets to The Laurie Berkner Band. If you have ever watched Nick Jr. or Sprout you know this group! "I'm gonna catch you, you better run.." Ring a bell? All the songs were very audience participation heavy with hand motions, call and response, jumping and spinning. I wondered if my daughter, who is almost seven and a half would like songs about cake, loving your family and planting seeds. She absolutely did! She was dancing n the aisles. I didn't get in the aisles, but I danced in my seat. I couldn't help it!

During one of the final songs of the show, the band released beach balls into the crowd. If you know a struggling band, tell them to do this. The crowd will go wild! Well, it worked on preschoolers so I'm guessing it would have the same effect on drunk people in a bar.

After the concert, we were famished, but the restaurants were closed in Downtown Raleigh. On a Saturday! We headed to the local vegan eatery. Closed! But next door was a Dickey's Barbeque. Just what every vegetarian wants. They didn't have tofu, but Dickey's actually made a really nice vegetable plate. My daughter loves corn-on-the-cob more than candy so she was heaven, with butter dripping down her chin.

I heard Jane Seymour, aka Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman, had her art displayed in a gallery downtown so we swung by. I couldn't take shots of the pieces, but Ms. Seymour was actually very skilled in a variety of styles of painting and sculpture, too. They were pretty traditional, flowers and oceans, but good! She had a few kind of cheesy self portraits as Dr. Quinn. Those were my favorite. I love corniness.
This blurry thing is actually the Jane Seymour poster outside a gallery

We missed our chance to meet Jane in person, but we happened to be in town for a little belated Mardi Gras madness.

Lastly, Le Kid insisted we check out Marbles, the children's museum in Raleigh. There happened to be a kid's career fair that day. The whole place was epic. The kind of epicness best explained in pictures. Let the poor quality photos roll!

Le Kid cried like an infant when, after 3 very noisy hours, I announced it was time to go. And she slept like an infant the whole way home.

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