Thursday, September 3, 2015

Charlotte Day Trip

I want Paris. I have been reading about its history, customs, cuisine and language for years. Paris takes time and money I lack so instead I spent last Saturday looking for Paris in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte historically has British roots, but it's pride in it's art culture makes it tres French. And it was a previously unexplored city to check off my mental list of  Places I've Never Been.

In fact, Charlotte has a very active art district called NoDa (For the street it's on: North Davidson.) This is where I found the popular French coffee and cake shop, Amelie's Bakery. When I say popular, I mean the line to order wraps around the store. Sometimes twice, I'm told. But fear not, you won't get bored in the queue. French-themed art and antiques are in every nook and cranny of the building- shoes and chandeliers, deco and dauphines (and weird modernist crap I don't get but respect all the same.) Friendly people all around us chatted up my daughter and I. Charlotteans have a reputation as being hospitable to live up to, after all. Before you know it, we were in front of the bakery glass staring at all those confections. I promised myself I'd get the macarons because I had never tried them. We got a dozen of them in flavors ranging from lime basil to rose to the classic pistachio. We also go a pretty mini chocolate cake to just in case we didn't care for the macarons. The cake was perfection- delicate, not too sweet. I have been waiting to try macarons forever. I. did. not. like. them. Not at all! Too chewy. Too sweet. These would straight up kill a diabetic. It was the pastry type not the bakery. Amelie's did not disappoint. I had an espresso with whipped cream and caramel that made my toes curl, and that cake. That marvelous cake.

My daughter's inspiration for going on this trip to Charlotte was the American Girl Store in South Park Mall. But we tied this in with the French theme because the AG girl of the year is Grace, a girl who learn how to bake in... yep.. Paris! So I bought my daughter and her beat up ebay-bought Samantha doll a commemorative tshirt. They were also the only reasonably priced items in the store!

She had to run to the dressing room to it on as soon as my card scanner said "Approved."

We also "met" the new Beforever doll, MaryEllen. She has all kinds of 1950's- inspired accessories. Not French, but cute!

Then, we rounded off our day trip with a stop at Discovery Place, a children's museum. You know who loves museums? The French! I mean, look at these jelly fish. How cool! My squimish daughter even touched a living (if you could call it that) horseshoe crab. She had her hands in everything!

And oh, look. Someone at the museum built the Eiffel Tower out of blocks. See how I pulled the Parisian theme back in! 

Vive la Charlotte!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Free Festivals and Free Fails

This time of year there are free festivals galore, and not just ones with free admission. This summer, we have enjoyed free snacks, face painting, giveaways like cups/pens/books/frisbees, performances (we just saw a fun live action Scooby Doo skit), bounce houses, crafts (my daughter and her friend made tambourines last night) and games. Sometimes, like pictured here, they worth braving the heat for. Maybe worth traveling for if you live in a small town that doesn't do much. 


Nickelodeon's Day of Play: Not everything turns out as well as organizations hope, but bless them for trying. Our town tried to pull together an event for Nickelodeon's World Wide Day of Play. They just made 4 little game stations in a park, including a slime making station.They even had a few prizes to give away. What they didn't expect was every daycare and camp and family in town to show up. The lines to the stations took hours to process. My husband took our daughter, and they stood in line at the slime making booth for an hour, and then the organizers said, "too bad, we're shutting down." Hey, it happens. You run out of stuff. You run out of time! A lot of kids didn't get to do anything or take home anything. Standing in a line for hours is the opposite of play, and enough to make your run back to your digital entertainment. My husband had the wits to take our kid to see "Pixels" and eat popcorn straight from the fail, which they both loved. 

Musher Seminar:This isn't a festival, but it was a freebie fail. I saw one of our local libraries was having a dog musher to speak so I signed up Super D and her friend. (They are both around 8.) I thought they would both like to see the dogs if nothing else. We get into the library's performance room and other than a couple of  librarians

 and one old man, there are no other attendees. I looked around for the musher, but she wasn't present. The girls looked eager to leave from the get go. But before we could sneak out, the librarian faced a camera on us, the musher appeared on a big screen via Skype, and we were trapped for hours. We were the only audience so I felt we couldn't leave. The musher was just talking directly to us, answering our questions and asking some. The girls kept begging to go, saying "This is boring," and "I'm hungry" a little too loudly. I hushed them, pleaded with them out the side of my mouth and after 2 and a half hours of  them squirming and stifling tears, I had to let them go. I didn't know if I should treat the seminar like a phone call, and say, "Sorry, I have to go now" to the musher. I opted to inch out of the screen, and then break into  run when I got close to the door. Because I'm cool like that.

They can't all be winners, but it's good for us to get out there and try. Even feeling real boredom and disappointment is better than being in a digital coma!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Good Changes

(Clink Photo to be taken to artist's original)

Before you send the dogs out looking for my carcass, let me just clarify one thing, I'm not dead; I'm employed. I looked for months, had a few interviews, and the rejection was starting to wear on me. Luckily, I had been warned by locals that it takes months. A kind friend hooked me up with a job at her synagogue as a secretary. And, since I apparently know nothing about Judaism, it has been a cultural adventure. I'm enjoying learning new words, customs, foods and history. In other words, totally geeking out!

New beginnings mean leaving things behind. I had to quit my little bookstore job that I'd had for two years and very much liked. My husband had an even bigger goodbye with his job. He wound up his Army career after 6 years in favor of nursing school. With no more wars to go to, they stuck him behind a desk. He joined the military to avoid desk jobs. "What's a soldier without a war?" he said. He's joined the National Guard to keep some military ties, but his focus will be on school for the next few years. I'll miss being a military spouse. I actually loved moving every few years! (Don't think I didn't try to convince him to stay in out of my own selfish desire to live in Hawaii or Italy.)

Super D is starting 3rd grade at the same school she went to last year. She has never gotten to go to the same school two years in a row so she's stoked to be seeing all her friends again. She's also bumping up the number of dance classes she's taking. Ballet, Acro and lyrical. This is the longest Super D's ever stuck with something so we're all thrilled she's found something that lights her up.

Now that we are all a little busier, weekends mean more than ever. We have to concentrate our real living into two days a week.  I will do my best to capture and share our mini adventures. We have two really good ones coming up! So exciting!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Free Online Summer Lessons and Programs for Kids

Once upon a time, I lived in a small town with few summer resources for school aged children. There were no summer camps, no YMCA, no parks and recreation, no Boy and Girls Club, no summer library reading program. There was only one VBS, one Little League and boring, endless summer days in front of the television.

If children find themselves a bit isolated from all the fun these days, they have virtual options that will keep them engaged and ready them for the next school year. Here's a few of the truly free and magnificent.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge- Kids can log points for their school. The school with the most minutes will get an author visit. Also, digital badges and prizes are available, whether logging points for school or as an individual.

Book Adventure- Kids can log books and take quizzes toward real prizes: tattoos, chocolate, magazines and books. Sponsored by Sylvan.

BOOK IT-  Diary of a Wimpy Kid themed online reading program. Read 5 books and be entered to win prizes.

TenMarks Online Summer Math program where kids unlock games, certificates and parental rewards. Amazon sponsored.

Know It Numbers:Kids Know It Math Games- Game based, 12 week programs from addition to algebra.

Khan Academy- Free lessons on Science, Math, Computing, Reading from kindergarten to adulthood.

Knowledge Adventure- Math Games for kids 2-12

e-learning or kids- Award winning site offering free lessons for kindergarten students to high schoolers on topics such as science, math, health and language arts.

Kid Courses- Focuses on lessons for younger elementary kids with games like MathLibs and lesson on ASL and art.

We Give Books- A plethora of online picture books from children 0-13.

My Online Reading- Illustrated digital books for young readers

National Geographic Online Magazine- Boost reading and science knowledge with website full of games, articles, quizzes and animals.

Maker Camp- A  6 week, free of charge, summer camp with both physical and online entities for kids 8-12. Camp seems to feature arts and engineering projects.

Scratch- An MIT-designed coding program for kids

Code Monster from Crunchzilla- easy coding lessons for children.

Learn a Language- A variety of lessons on many languages. All ages.

NASA Kids Club- where young kids can get some space knowledge via videos, articles and cartoony avatars.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Free Happenings in Fayetteville, NC This Weekend

School is out, and Fayetteville is happening! 

Thursday, 6/18/15

*My Dad, My Hero
 10:00 a.m.
 Father's Day is coming! Celebrate with stories and songs about fathers. Bring a picture of your father  or father figure for a craft. Registration is requested by calling 864-3800 ext. 1389 or visiting the  Youth Services department. 3-5 years.
 Cliffdale Library

*Lego Movie
 2:00 pm 
 Headquarters Library

*Superman Movie
 2:00 pm
 Spring Lake Branch Library

*Mulan Movie
 2:30 pm
 Bordeaux Branch Library

*Teenzone-DIY Hero Necklace
 5:00 pm
 Celebrate the hero of your favorite book by making a hero-themed necklace out of shrink film  featuring the hero art of your choice. Grades 6-12.

*Naturalist Thursday
 3:30 pm
 Snake nature program
 Kids 12 and under
 Mazarick Park

*Farmland Documentary
 6:30 pm
 An eye-opening documentary about America’s farm families.
 Carolina Civic Center Historic Theater
 315 N. Chestnut Street
 Lumberton, NC

*Raven Rock State Park
Thu, June 18, 2015Hike for Your Health
Get outside, get moving and get healthy! Join Raven Rock's Office Assistant as we enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and your beautiful state park. Must be able to hike 2 to 5 miles on trails that can be flat, hilly and include steps. Ages 12 and up. This hike is being offered every Thursday, so make it a healthy habit to come out to Raven Rock for some great weekly exercise. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes and bring water. Please call 910-893-4888 to register.
Starts at: 9 a.m. Meet at: Visitor Center

*PNC Free Family Sundae
 Times: noon-5pm
 Venue: Contemporary Art Museum (CAM Raleigh)
 Address: 409 W. Martin St., Raleigh, NC 27603
 Area: Downtown Raleigh
 Admission: Free
 PNC Free Family Sundae includes access to all of the changing exhibitions on-view, middle school  docent-led tours, Creation Station hands on arts activities, an interactive Create your own sundae  activity where the ice cream is the canvas and the toppings are the paint, and CAM-TO-GO art  projects that families can take home.

Friday, 6/19/15

*Family Movie
 10:30 am
  Bring your blankets and snacks and spend the morning with us watching a PG or G-rated movie. Call  weekly for the movie title, 864-3800. All ages.
 Cliffdale Library

*Hero League
1:00 pm
Become a superhero! Learn how superheroes should act through stories, games, songs and activities. Each week, earn a piece of your superhero. When the summer is over, you'll be a member of the Hero League! Registration is recommended. Grades K-5.
East Regional Library

*Anime Prom
 5 - 9 p.m. Dress as your favorite anime or comic character during this special anime prom. Costumes  are required and snacks are provided. Grades 6-12.
 North Regional Library

*Defend Freedom Tour
 Friday, June 19, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
 Location TBD Attendance: General Admission, FREE *complimentary BBQ dinner will be served  Each event experience is family friendly and FREE to attend , featuring musical performances,  exciting speakers, a taste of local fare.
 To register:  aff=SRCH

*Fishing Lanyard Making Course
 7:00 pm
 John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center
 7489 Raeford Rd, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304

*Live Music at Karma Coffee Bar
 Friday, June 19, 2015
(Every Friday Night)
 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 
 Sanford, NC

*The Water Engine and Mr. Happiness
 7:00 pm
 Performances held at FTCC's Cumberland Hall Auditorium; all performances are free and open to  the public. Friday/Saturday performances at 7 p.m.; Sunday performances at 2 p.m. Questions may  be directed to FTCC's Fine Arts Department at (910) 678-8295 or to
 FTCC Cumberland Hall Auditorium
 2201 Hull Road
 Fayetteville, NC

*Friday June 19, 2015
Village Coffee House
(910) 484-4515
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
The Village Sessions is a new performance arts series that includes a monthly open mic w/feature, local spotlights, and touring acts from Indie On The Movie. Due to holidays and special events, we recommend calling to confirm before attending. 
Saturday, 6/20/15

*All Dads Are Heroes
 11:00 am
 Father's Day is soon! Hear stories about dads and make a craft for yours. Bring a picture of your dad  or father figure to use. 3-5 years
 Hope Mills Library

*The Chip Perry Band in Concert at The Well
 New Country Band
 Friday, June 19, 2015
 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
 1411 Rim Road, Fayetteville, NC 28314

Saturday, 6/20/15

*Community Festival & Resource Fair.
10:00 am
Admission is free. Come join us for a fun filled day of food, retail vendors, non profit and information booths, public safety information, games, children's corner, sports and competition, entertainment, music and much more ! There will be something for everyone. Yes, there will be funnel cakes ! See you there.
McLaughlin Park
334 N. Main Street
Raeford, NC

*Fathers Day Lego Free Play
 2:00 pm
 Take your dad on a date at the library and spend quality time making LEGO superhero vehicles or  hideouts. All agesPlus "guess how many Lego" raffle.
 North Regional Library

*Dive In Theater- Lego Movie
 8 pm
 Twin Lions Pool. Watch a movie while you swim. Gates open at 8 pm. Movie starts at  dark. This is  a free event. View flyer for details and the movie schedule. (910) 432-7266. Open to all  authorized  MWR users.

*Superhero Training Zone
2:00 pm
Be the best hero you can be! Test your skills by training on our superhero obstacle course. Bring your superhero parents to join in on the family fun! Special guests Heroes for Kids, a local group consisting of Fort Bragg soldiers dedicated to encouraging children in the community by portraying superheroes and princesses. All ages.
Spring Lake Branch Library

*Clark Park Nature Hour
 Saturday, June 20, 2015
 10:00 am - 11:00 am
 Clark park Nature Center

*The Water Engine and Mr. Happiness
 7:00 pm
 Performances held at FTCC's Cumberland Hall Auditorium; all performances are free and open to  the public. Friday/Saturday performances at 7 p.m.; Sunday performances at 2 p.m. Questions may  be directed to FTCC's Fine Arts Department at (910) 678-8295 or to
 FTCC Cumberland Hall Auditorium
 2201 Hull Road
 Fayetteville, NC

*Come See The Trains!
Saturday June 20, 2015
Fascinate-U Children's Museum
12 pm - 4 pm
Model railroaders showcase their model trains twice a month. Upstairs. They usually give the kids a train whistle.

*Toys R Us Freebie
 Get ready for colossal fun!
 Sat., June 20, 12-2pm
 at ANY Toys"R"Us store
 Keep the dinosaurs INSIDE the park when you come in store to Make & Take a FREE Mini  LEGO® Jurassic World Gate!

Sunday, 6/21/15

*The Water Engine and Mr. Happiness
 2:00 pm
 Performances held at FTCC's Cumberland Hall Auditorium; all performances are free and open to  the public. Friday/Saturday performances at 7 p.m.; Sunday performances at 2 p.m. Questions may  be directed to FTCC's Fine Arts Department at (910) 678-8295 or to
 FTCC Cumberland Hall Auditorium
 2201 Hull Road
 Fayetteville, NC

*Father's Day Hike
 Bring Dad and join the Park Ranger for a Father's Day hike through Weymouth Woods. We will talk  about what we see along the way. Hike is approximately 2 miles. Bring bottled water, bug spray, and  wear comfortable shoes.
 Weymouth Woods
 1024 Ft. Bragg Rd.
 Southern Pines, NC

Friday, June 5, 2015

Free Things to Do in Fayetteville This Weekend


6/5/2015 Friday

Jazz on the Lawn w/ Kia Walker
Friday, June 05, 2015
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cumberland United Methodist Church
2262 George Owen Road

Murder Mystery Theater
Headquarters Library
300 Maiden Lane
Must call to register

Night at the Museum 2
Spring Lake Recreation and Parks
(910) 436-0011
7:30 pm
Enjoy a free family-friendly movie night. In case of rain, the viewing is moved indoors.

6/6/15 Saturday

Beach Bash
Smith Lake
12-6 pm.
 Great family fun with live music, door prizes,
 games, giveaways and free photo booth. Free admission. 
 Open to the public. 

Murder Mystery Theater
Headquarters Library
300 Maiden Lane
Must call to register

Fayetteville Pet Fest
pet experts, vendors, competition
Saturday, June 06, 2015
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Naturally Unleashed 3035 Boone Trail

Nature Tales: Snow Bunnies
Stories for toddlers
Saturday, June 06, 2015
9:30 am
Cape Fear Botanical Gardens

Model Trains Display
upstairs at Fascinate-U Children's Museum

Cupcake Decorating for Beginners
Saturday, June 06, 2015
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Bordeaux Branch Library
Registration is required

Free Yoga and wellness lessons
Happiness Is You
Saturday, June 06, 2015
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Kiwanis Recreation Center
352 Devers Street
Fayetteville, NC

Saturday Nature Hour
Saturday, June 06, 2015
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Clark Park Nature Center
All ages

National Trails Day--Volunteer Event
Saturday, June 06, 2015
9:00 am - 11:00 am
Weymouth Woods
1024 Ft. Bragg Rd.
Southern Pines, NC
Register to volunteer 910-692-2167

National Yo-Yo Day
Yo-yo clinic
Bring your own yo-yo
Age 8-18
West Regional Branch Library
7469 Century Circle
Fayetteville, NC 28306-3141
(910) 487-0440
Call or visit to register

Home Depot Kids Workshop
Dump N' Go Truck
9:00 am
Ages 5-12

Wade Founders Day
Parade at 10 a.m.
Cornhole, car show, children's rides and games
7128 Main St.
Wade, NC 283

6/7/15 Sunday

Fayetteville Pet Fest
pet experts, vendors, competition
Saturday, June 06, 2015
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Naturally Unleashed 3035 Boone Trail

Raven Rock
Tree and Plant ID Hike
 Meet at the Picnic Shelter at 9:30 am for this ¾ mile hike.
Starts at: 9:30 AM

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Free Things To Do In Fayetteville Today


Here's a few free things going on around Fayetteville and surrounding areas today@

Saturday, 5/30/15

May Day Family Fun Festival
1-5:00 p.m.
Games, dunk tank, vendors, inflatables, exhibits
Rivers of Living Water
1764 Bingham Dr.
Fayetteville, NC

Hopefest Gospel Music Festival
Music, archery competition, children's activities, BBQ cook off, car show
Lee Regional Fairgrounds
505 North 7th Street
Sanford, NC

Rockefeller House Tour
Carvers Creek State Park Rain Shelter
2505 Long Valley Road, Spring Lake, NC
Clark Park Nature Hour
@the nature center
Edible and Medicinal Plants Lesson
10-11 am

11th Annual Ritmo Latino Music, Art and Dance Festival
Cary Town Hall
316 N. Academy St., Cary, NC 27512-8005
Latino music, dance and arts. The festival includes live music, vendors, artists, Latin foods, dance lessons for adults and activities for children.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Free Things to Do in Fayetteville This Weekend


Free events galore this weekend in the Fayetteville area!

Friday, May 15, 2015

*Lollipops Concert (Cape Fear High School Orchestra)
"Let's Go to the Movies"
10-11:30 a.m.
East Regional Library
4809 Clinton Road
Fayetteville, NC 28312-8401

*Meet the Cat in the Hat
Meet The Cat, get story, craft and treat
Barnes and Noble
7:00 pm
Glensford Commons, 121 Glensford Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314

*Orienteering and Map Reading
Raven Rock State Park
2:00 pm
Meet at Visitor Center
Bring your own compass if you have one.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

*Stedman Party in the Park
10 a.m.- 10 p.m
192 Euclid Street, Stedman, NC 28391
Kids activities, bands, dancers, street dance, army bands, Airborne chorus, vendors, corn hole tournament.

*Create Your Own Robot
11-12 a.m.
West Regional Library
7469 Century Circle Fayetteville, NC 28306
Registration is required by visiting the library or calling 487-0440. All ages.

*Movie at the Library
"Alexander and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day"
11 a.m.-12:30 pm
North Regional Library
855 McArthur Road
Fayetteville, NC 28311

*Sandhills Sankofa Festival
11:00 am-6:00 pm
African American Culture Festival
Music, vendors, art, gospel music
Spring Lake Recreation Center
245 Ruth St
Spring Lake, NC

*Clark Park Nature Hour
10:00am-11:00 am
Clark Park
631 Sherman Drive
Fayetteville, NC
Call to register. 910-433-1579

*Movie Under the Stars
Smith Lake Recreation Area
Open to the Public
Bring Blankets chairs
No outside food or drink allowed.
Door prizes/giveaways

*Senses Hike for National Kids to Parks Day
Carver's Creek
6 p.m.
2505 Long Valley Road, Spring Lake, NC 28390

*Holistic and Wellness Super Expo
Demonstrations and seminars on yoga, meditation, herbs, martial arts, acupuncture, etc.
1960 Coliseum Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28306
Register online for seat
Donations appreciated

*Lafayette Doll and Toy Club Show
Headquarters Library
10:30 am-5:30 pm
300 Maiden Lane
Fayetteville, NC 28301-5032

Sunday, May 17 2015

*Party for the Pine
Celebrate the birthday of a 467 year old tree
Weymouth Woods
Visitor Center
3:00 pm
1024 Ft. Bragg Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387
Hike to the tree with a park ranger, and then have cake!

*Sudan Shriner's Parade
11:30am-12:30pmIntersection of Broad Street and Wilson Ave
Dunn, NC

*Family Renaissance Fair
North Carolina Museum of Art
2110 Blue Ridge Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607
Royalty, craftsmen, jugglers, bards,fairies, warriors

Friday, May 8, 2015

Free Putt-Putt for Mom

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th, and Putt-Putt in Hope  Mills, NC is hooking your mom up. With this coupon, mom gets a free round of mini-golf free with a paying player. It's a nice change from the usual, old brunch. The coupon is good for a month!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fayetteville, NC For Free!

Everyone knows that my favorite word is "free," and I try to keep my little circle of friends abreast of all the free happenings in my current home city of Fayetteville. Don't feel left out. I'm hoping to expand that circle to include you. I intend to post weekly free goings on in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. Look for this tag, #FayettevilleNCFree. Let's get out and enjoy all the activities that Fayetteville has to offer.. for free!

May 7, 2015- Thursday

*Pay what you can (donations) after 1:00 pm

 Fascinate-U Children's
116 Green St, Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 829-9171

* Dolphin Tale 2 movie at the library 4:00pm
Spring Lake Public Library
101 Laketree Blvd
Spring Lake, NC
(910) 497-3650

*Raven Rock Hike For Your Health
9 a.m. Ranger led hike for ages 12 and up.
Call to register 910-893-4888

May 8, 2015-Friday

*Free entrance to Cape Fear Botanical Garden for National Public Gardens Day. Download an  admission coupon from

 Cape Fear Botanical Garden
 536 N Eastern Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 486-0221

*Kick off of Cliffdale library, "Who is Your Hero" essay contest for grades K-5. Three prizes awarded. (Due by May 29th)

6882 Cliffdale Road
Fayetteville, NC 28314-1936

*Midtown Beach Music Series: North Tower- Raleigh, NC
Commons of North Hills
6-9 p.m.
Free concert series
4160 Main at North Hills St., Raleigh, NC 27609

May 9th, 2015-Saturday

*Society for Creative Anachronism Live Demo (Medieval arts, sport, costume) 
2-4 pm 
Bordeaux Branch Library
3711 Village Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28304
(910) 424-4008

*Civil War Band discussion with Dr. Robert Downing
Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex
2 p.m.
801 Arsenal Ave, Fayetteville, NC 28305
(910) 486-1330

*Lowe's Mother's Day Kid's Planter
Build and Grow Workshop
10:00 a.m.

*Clark Park Nature Hour
10:00 a.m.
631 Sherman Drive

*Meet Donald and Daisy at Disney Store in Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh
10-4 pm Disney Store
4325 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27612
First 500 will get free gift!

May 10, 2015-Sunday

*Civil War Cemetery Tour
Cross Creek Cemetery #1

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Month of Fun

I just want to have infinite fun. Is that so wrong? Well, it might not be very realistic, but that's why we haven't blogged in over a month. We've just been busy living it up. Yachts and champagne! Not. More like bounce houses and fro-yo, but the kind of things 7 year old girls and middle aged women find amusing.

We've communed with nature.
Add caption

I found a four leaf clover!

My daughter found an even bigger four leaf!

Feeling like a "Sam Squantch"

We've gone to festivals.
March of Dimes Walk

At an Easter Festival in MS

Spring Lake Spring Fest

A very rainy Dogwood Festival

Theater, anyone?

Jasmine Guys Harlem Renaissance 

FSU does Hair

Food Lion Kitchen at Southern Women's Expo

Randy Fenoli from "Say Yes to the Dress"

We journeyed to Mississippi to see family.

My sister would kill me if I didn't mention that she is preggo!

My mom-in-law gave me a wreath tutorial.

We  found a little magic.
We finished Prisoner of Azkaban so we celebrated with butter beer and homemade wands.

We nurtured friendships.

NOT PICTURED: We moved to a new apartment, and that was work! School activities: school dance, awards day/performance, Earth Day activities. We have done a lot of crafts at our local libraries. Yesterday, we went to the Indian Festival and made rangoli. But this post is bordering on infinite so I think I'll stop now.

What are you doing this weekend?