Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter is My Kryptonite

Winter sucks:
Shame on me! I'm just now getting around to posting photos from Sunday. It's a miracle I do anything in winter. I feel like I'm in a hazy dream, half the time. If I were a computer, I'd be flashing the "low battery" warning. Do you guys feel as crummy in January and February as I do? Every year, in December, I try to formulate a plan to beat the winter blues. This year, I created Pamperary and Fabuary, two months devoted to spoiling myself. That lasted about a week. I'm just no good without sunshine. I have to consider winter a slate cleaner for happiness. Just one big eraser wiping all the joie de vivre away. It brings you down to a humdrum state of mind so when the sun comes bobbing along over the horizon, you really appreciate it.

Nature is my Sunday service
But I still manage to glean some happiness out of the two shittiest months of the year. Sunday, for example, I spent almost the whole day outside. It was about 50 degrees. I can deal with that. Sunday has long been designated my outdoorsy day. Not a lot of events are scheduled on Sunday; many stores are closed. It evolved to be my communion with nature time just because the Sabbath shuts the world down.

I spent last Sunday taking my dog for a walk. Actually, I let her walk herself. Winter really sucks for a dog with no back yard. Her strolls are 8 miles in the warm months and 8 yards in the cold ones. That's got to be tough for a creature who can't entertain herself with books and blogs and Netflix.

Disney break

My child seems content to lose herself in the ever repeating loop of kids shows on the Disney Channel. The shows are fairly harmless, but distort a kid's sense of reality quickly. Take it from a girl who thought like was going to be like "Saved By the Bell." (And maybe it is. I'm just more of a Screech than a Kelly.)

In the summer, all the kids in the neighborhood turn the neighborhood park into a summer camp. We bring snacks and crafts. It's great fun. But right now, my child has been spending much time in self-imposed seclusion with "Austin and Ally." So we decided to get a little exercise at a local trail/park.

There was the riding of scooter, the exploring of a stream, the taking of breaks, and climbing of playground equipment with a new friend. My camera was nearly dead so I only got a few shots. But we played until late afternoon. We planned on seeing an opera singer perform. I looked in the rear view on the way to the performance, and my kid was out like Neil Patrick Harris. (Does that play on words work? Maybe "Out like Ricky Martin? Out like Andersen Cooper? I really wanted to use Liberace here, but most people don't know who that is. Oh, for those of you who don't, let me educate you....This is the great Liberace.)

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