Friday, January 23, 2015

Impromptu Trip Lands Me on a TV Set and Looking at Nick Cave's Suit of Buttons

"Congratulations you won passes to see Discover the Dinosaurs this weekend." That's what the email I got from the "My Carolina Today" show said, and I love free tickets the way only a broke mom can. The catch was, I'd have to drive an hour away to pick up the tickets from the studio. 

Argghhh... It's cold and rainy today. But... I have been practicing being more of a "yes" person and being open to possibilities. I figured I would visit The North Carolina Museum of Art and pick up the tickets while my daughter was in school.

Kim, from the tv station was so nice. She let me pop in and see the set and photograph it. This was my first time in a television studio. Some anchors were behind us prepping for the news. It was very glamorous and exciting. Kim told me about how John Leguizamo had been on the show a couple of days ago and how sweet he was.  

The museum was so much more than I expected. And it was ... again with my favorite word here--FREE! Famous naturalist, John Audabon has four large books of his work here. There's a Rodin sculpture, an Egyptian Sarcophagus, African  masks and costumes and amazing pieces of modern art. Two buildings worth or exhibits. 


My favorite piece was a suit by artist and rock star, Nick Cave. All the buttons were hand sewn with delicate little red "x"s by the "Stagger Lee" singer himself. If you're in the Raleigh area, this museum must not be missed. 

That was my Friday afternoon. What are you doing this weekend?


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  2. Anyway,I was saying that when I click on the pics they are so tiny. I want bigger pictures!!!