Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life Concentrate. Add Two and a Half Days.

Jobs happen. The parental well of fortune runs dry, you find yourself with a wailing bambino who makes your couchsurfing host twitchy, your student loan company tracks you down in San Jose or maybe you miss having more tshirts than fit in your stained up, old Jansport bag. A nine-to-five doesn't mean the death of adventures. Punching the clock just means you have to squeeze your travels into two and half days. You have to weekend hard. You can spend the day in your pjs, watching Netflix or you can climb a mountain. You spend the day vacuuming the floor of your Volkswagen or you can swim with porpoises. You can organize your sock drawer or... tour a winery, see a band, take a painting class, take a hike. Hell, anything is better than organizing your sock drawer!

Someday, you'll realize you are winding up this ultimate journey. Do you think you'll have fonder memories of fishing trips with your kids or of eating a biggie-sized bag of Funyuns while playing Call of Duty in your underwear? Underwear days happen. During the winter, I consider taking a permanent hiatus to Granny Panty Land. But once in a while, we need to participate in life outside the front door. There are adventures out there. Ones worth putting on pants for.


So that's my spiel. That's what I'm selling. Fun weekends for everyone! At "We Do Weekends," I'll share my weekend outings with you, tips and tricks on how I go places on a budget and deals that will help you get where you want to go!

So.... What are you doing this weekend?

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