Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Indiana Jones Didn't Have Heavy Flow Days to Contend With"

I must love a challenge to start a travel and activity blog in the dead of boring, old winter. Genius of me, really. To make matters worse, I had to go and get sick on the nicest weekend of the season. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the 60's. In early February! I could see from my window patches of grass. Green grass!

Saturday was a bust. I dragged my corpse over to our neighborhood for 20 minutes, as not to deprive Le Kid of the rare break from cold. Sunday, I slithered Voldemort style to Smith Lake, a local recreation area, where I could drink unicorn's blood.. woops.. I mean, where I could lie in the sun and recharge myself while my daughter puttered around the playground.

"Play with me," she begged, but all I could do was sit in a pile of sharp pine needles, with my back against a tree, slurping up Vitamin D. Fifteen minutes of that, and I felt like a battery at full charge. "Let's explore!" I grabbed Le Kid's arm and dragged her down trails unknown.

Just the sight and proximity of water, had my spirit soaring. My daughter took this pic of me. Can you tell?

There were bits of bricks everywhere, and the kid had a plan of building a little house from them. she talked me into hauling them in my handbag. Eventually, she collected so many in my purse that I had to where they thing like a back pack. My weak, jiggly arms weren't up for the task!

And several days later, here's the amazing house we built from brick fragments. Yeah. We're more dreamers than doers. We might just have to return the bricks to nature.

At least, we completed a successful little hike, and my daughter dug many holes along the paths. (Which have surely led to many twisted ankles, come to think of it. Sorry!)

So we didn't have adventures of Indiana Jones proportions last weekend. Indiana Jones didn't have heavy flow days to contend with!

Bigger and better things ahead for this weekend. Things I might chicken out of! Tune in and find out.

What are you doing this weekend?

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